One August maybe a dozen years ago, I was staging in sheep camp along Alaska’s Snag River and met an interesting fellow at the fire. We were both holding for planes to spike us out and spent a wonderful evening together discussing hunting, Africa, and his desire to own a double rifle.

“I can help with that,” I offered.

Long story short, the fellow returned from the trip and ordered a .470 Nitro Express from Rigby chop-chop. But imagine my surprise when, six months later, he told me the caliber was changed to .225 Winchester!

“I want my kids to shoot springbok with it, and I’ll order another in .470 sometime soon.”

It took a very long time for the rifle to deliver.

Well, that Africa trip never happened, and the owner of the world’s finest varmint rifle eventually asked me to sell it—which I did so fast it darn near made him mad! That was ten years ago, and the second owner never once pulled the triggers. For whatever reason, it is now back on the market and ready for someone who might actually put it to use.

The particulars are as follows. Those interested in learning more are invited to contact me at




Serial number 386047 is special in many respects, first among them being the caliber. The .225 Winchester has a ballistic performance similar to the .224 Weatherby or the great .22-250 Remington. Designed for bolt-action rifles, it has a semi-rimmed case similar in profile to a necked down .30-30 Winchester. Both ammunition and components are available.

The barrels are 26 inches long with a bead front sight and express rear sights (one fixed and two folders), each leaf dressed with a gold sighting line and regulation distance—50/100/200, respectively—on its face.

Features include exhibition-grade English walnut with spectacular dark marbling and bold-grain, beavertail forend, English cheekpiece with shadow line, fine bordered checkering, ejectors, manual safety, and an ERA quick-release mounting system integrated into the rib.


The rifle’s metal and wood retain virtually 99 percent of their original condition.


A Leupold VX-III 1.5-5x20mm scope with Duplex reticle is included.

The action wears a bold scroll to nearly full coverage, the pattern continuing along the top lever, tangs, and reappearing on the forend furniture and grip cap. Gold accents include “J. Rigby & Co.” centered on the lower receiver, “John Rigby & Co.” and “.225 Win.” on the rib, the “RR” logo on the grip cap, and “SAFE” just ahead of the tang safety. The original owner’s initials appear on the guard. The engraving is unsigned.

Weight is 12½ pounds with scope attached, 11.4 pounds sans. Length-of-pull is 14.9 inches, drops are 1½ and 2 inches, and cast off is approximately .20-inch.

Bores are bright and shiny. The polished rust blue of the barrels, guard, forend furniture, top lever, and grip cap is 99 percent with only slight evidence of handling. Action finish is virtually 100 percent. Wood at least 99 percent overall, with only slight indications of handling.

The rifle has seen less than one box of shells since regulation. $22,500.


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