William G. Smith was born and raised in a (then) rural area east of Golden, Colorado. He began drawing with serious intent (copying comic-book characters) at age 3 and painting in oils at the age of 8. His first commission was completed for the custodian at his grade school at age 10.

As a kid, Smith won two bicycles and a nice .22 rifle from the Denver Post in cartoon contests. Sports and academics occupied most of his time in high school, and although he didn’t take art classes, he continued to draw and paint.

Bill graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1970, where he served as the art editor, head cartoonist, and frequent cover artist for the school’s Log magazine. Many of his irreverent cartoons are still considered classics at the Academy and are often reprinted in Academy calendars and publications. Bill served as a Marine Corps Officer for five years after graduation from the Academy and began his avocational involvement with computers while in the Corps.

Bill has worked steadily as a freelance illustrator and commissioned artist for the past 30 years, completing scores of portrait, landscape, and wildlife commissions, as well as a wide variety of illustrations and graphic designs. He has given art his full-time effort since 2004 and has won many awards in shows and contests, including “2011 Featured Artist” for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, first place in the contest for the 2009 Wyoming Conservation Stamp, “Paint America” Top 100 (three paintings), “Arts for the Parks” Top 100, and “Arts for the Parks” Mini 100.

Besides painting, outdoor activities dominate Bill’s free time: hiking, snowshoeing, camping, rafting, hunting, and fishing. His love of the outdoors permeates and inspires his art. Bill also founded, and is principal consultant in, a computer consulting business. He also designs and builds websites.

For more information and to view more of Smith’s artwork, visit willliamgsmithart.com. Commissioned paintings are welcome.


“First Fight of the Morning”


“Fish On”


“Graduation Day”




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