When giving away something of value, there is always a risk of the winner simply clicking a link for a free gift. They might fill out the requisite information without any desire or care of what the “give-away” is actually for.  In the case of the vintage Parker 16-gauge side-by-side that had been owned and shot by our shotgun editor, Bob Matthews, for over 25 years, the winner did not fit this no-care profile.

Justin Whitley knew exactly what he was entering to win. He even argued with a skeptical friend that it was, indeed, an original, vintage Parker—not a reproduction—that Sporting Classics was giving away.

As a subscriber for many years to Sporting Classics magazine, Justin first saw the promotion for the shotgun in a print issue of the magazine. He saw the promotion again on the Sporting Classics Daily site. As he began receiving the free daily newsletter, he was reminded of the shotgun giveaway and entered the contest. Sporting Classics Daily and the Parker are now important parts of his life.

Justin was announced as the winner on February 18, 2015, on Sporting Classics Daily. His was the fortunate winner out of thousands of entries and is now the owner of the beautiful Parker.

Justin is a hunter of both deer and fowl.  He has experience hunting pheasants, duck, geese, and quail regularly, and has shot ptarmigan while on a fishing trip in Alaska.  He is the perfect person to win such a prize: someone that has an appreciation and understanding of one of the world’s premier doubles.  

Justin was thrilled to have won the Parker and will no doubt make it a staple on his quail hunts.  With a 13 year old son, their monthly ventures to shoot clays and hone their wing shooting skills will take on a different excitement as they learn to shoot the vintage side-by-side.



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