Using a century-plus family farm, superbly conditioned surrogated and early-release coveys, haute and hustle pointing and flushing dogs, and old-time, down-to-earth Southern hospitality second to none—abetted by “best” quality amenities, guides, and cuisine—Bill and Debbie Webb of Ellerbe, North Carolina, have over the last two decades built one of the best and most cordial near-wild quail hunting experiences in the country. All the while preserving a uniquely comfortable intimacy among its guests and attracting an eclectic, distinguished, and devout national following who make a return to this singular sporting oasis in the fabled North Carolina Sandhills a frequent and undeniable must. It’s an outstanding tribute to smaller-scale entrepreneurial enterprise in the sporting world that outperforms in presentation, performance, and client satisfaction the majority of the larger operations throughout the entire Eastern seaboard.

Different in all the right ways, The Webb Farm is richly deserving and proudly honored as Sporting Classics’ Hunting Lodge of the Year. For more information, visit

– Mike Gaddis