Two duck-hunting firefighters from Arkansas saved the day when a house caught fire in the flooded rubble of Houston last week. They jumped into action and used a technique from time spent on their frozen home water to help put out the flames.

Jason Hunt and Beau Bishop of Arkadelphia were in Houston to help their fellow firefighters in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. The crew had spent the day helping people evacuate their flooded homes, spotting the burning house near evening.

Hunt first tried to hook a hose up to a nearby fire hydrant, diving into the floodwater to reach it. However, the water pressure was too low for the hydrant to work, so they had to get creative.

“Just an old duck hunter trick,” Bishop told KARK-TV. “We’ll pin our boats to a tree in the woods and we’ll blow the ice out using our boat motors, so I thought it would be worth a try.”

It was, and the two men are now famous for, in part, their time spent afield. Bishop said the whole experience was made easier by the camaraderie they felt with their fellow firefighters in Texas.

“You would think that we had kind of been with that crew forever because it just went pretty seamless.”

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