Posted by Animals on Sunday, January 3, 2016


Social media has been awash with videos lately showing concerned onlookers unhooking antlers, moving hay bales, and various other activities to free deer in distress. But this video of ice skaters sliding a doe to safety may be the best yet, and the most necessary.

This doe had no doubt been on the ice for some time, swinging its legs in a fruitless attempt to reach land. She would have either been eaten by some predator better suited to crossing the ice, starved or froze to death, or drowned when the ice eventually thawed enough to let her drop into a hole beneath her.

That’s not to say the rescue was graceful. It took the crew of ice skaters a good bit to snag the doe, using what appears to be a life jacket, and then even longer to work her toward shore. The video cuts off just before the deer reaches land, but we hope all three made it off the ice safely.