Watch: Tumbling Pheasants

South Dakota’s Tumbleweed Lodge offers hunters a chance at the Grand Slam of the Dakotas.””


Tumbleweed Lodge is a legend among wingshooting establishments. Located in Harrold, South Dakota, the lodge has hosted guests from across the globe for more than 30 years. Hunters can take the grand slam of upland birds — pheasant, sharp-tail grouse, prairie chicken, and Hungarian partridge — on a single trip to the carefully managed acreage.

Following a hunt at Tumbleweed, Chuck Wechsler, editor of Sporting Classics, said: ”The moment you arrive at Tumbleweed you know you’ve come to a special place — a wild place.”

 To learn more about Tumbleweed Lodge, visit or call (605) 875-3440 today!