Normally we run a variety of articles each day so every reader has the opportunity to view something they find personally interesting. We ran across a video that pairs so well with out Wild Harvest Wednesday recipes from Jim Casada that, today, we just had to run articles that are in the same vein as one another. If it was going to happen, it couldn’t have been on a better subject than food.

What makes hunters so extraordinary is we don’t shy away from the hot-blooded truth that, to eat, something has to die. That’s not a despicable or cruel thing—that’s being honest and mature enough to respect the process that brings life.

Michael J. Parker wrote a piece for the Huffington Post with the same message. Entitled “Millenials Must Hunt,” the story follows Parker, Henry Roosevelt of Native Boy Films, and Tim Bowers of Bear Paw Outfitters as they hunt the Greater Yellowstone Wilderness in Montana.

The video, aptly titled “Wild Harvest,” is a short video of the long process. They drive to their jumping-off point, ride up and into the backcountry, glass for a buck, and pull the trigger.

The hunting process doesn’t stop there, and neither does the video. The duo field dresses the muley, loads it up, and heads to a meat processor to have their kill prepared for the table. Then—and only then—do they sit down to a happy and healthy meal.

“The hunt itself changed my life forever, and the complex cocktail of emotions it triggered have totally altered how I think about food,” Parker wrote. “The experience of eating game meat you have hunted is not even in the same galaxy as anything you have ever bought from a store.” 


Watch as the three men show the complete picture of hunting.

Video by Native Boy via Vimeo