“We are, as we have historically demonstrated, at the cutting edge of research and development and the introduction of new and innovative products to the market,” says Steve Hornady of Hornady Manufacturing, Inc. He and others from the company are featured in a new teaser trailer for an upcoming product release. The video is incredibly and intentionally vague, with little solid information other than the product’s announcement date: Oct. 27.

Hornady posted the video to YouTube Tuesday and emailed it to its mailing list Wednesday. In it, company representatives make claims of new and exciting changes while crowding round computers and work tables.

“We’ve now flipped over a rock, and there is a huge development here that we have found by mistake,” says a member of the Hornady team.

At the 0:46 mark of the video, an engineer is seen working on blueprints. Viewers can see, what appears to be, the gradual taper of a cartridge. Is that the sharp point of a bullet seated in the powder? Could it be that Hornady has thrown out the conventional boat tail bullet and made a spitzer at both ends for increased performance — and a better ballistic coefficient?

With Hornady, it could be anything. The company produces several lines of ammunition, including the popular Superformance, Zombie Max, and Leverevolution lines, as well as developing cartridges that bear its name, like the 17 HMR (Hornady Magnum Rimfire).

“We Change Everything” is a pretty big claim, even for a ammunition manufacturer as large as Hornady. Their Superformance propellants did provide an extra 200 fps or so from cartridges like the .30-06 and .270; maybe that’s the rock they turned over and found something even better underneath.

Only Oct. 27 will tell, but one thing is fairly certain — the product will have a catchy name like the rest of Hornady’s creations.


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