Watch: Actor Chris Pratt’s Moving Description of Hunting

Guardians of the Galaxy and Zero Dark Thirty star opens up about the outdoors.

Actor Chris Pratt is best known for roles in blockbusters such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Her, Money Ball, and Zero Dark Thirty, in addition to playing the beloved and dimwitted Andy Dwyer on NBC’s Parks and Recreation

Before Pratt made his name in Hollywood, he lived in Lake Stevens, Washington, where he grew up hunting and fishing. Despite his recent celebrity, he still speaks candidly of his affinity for the outdoors, as seen in the interview below with Kevin Pollak. 

In the clip, Pratt describes being a “voyeur to the world waking up” and his respect and gratitude for game. The effect is among the more-moving accounts of hunting we’ve come across and would surely make conservationists such as Aldo Leopold and Herb Stoddard proud. 


Fair warning: The clip has a few curse words. 


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