When a boy glances across the Nebraska prairie and dreams about the adventure that lies beyond, what does he see? When a girl envisions a world past the skyline of her Wyoming home, what does it look like? Dick and Mary Cabela never quit looking forward, and their hearts took them to places that far surpassed every image from their young minds.

When they began their journey together, they were still kids with mountains to climb and stars to touch. As they grew, their love deepened until they knew one another so intimately their two hearts became indistinguishable. They shared an innate hunger for adventure; a passion for hunting and animals and untouched land. It allowed them to follow their hearts to places they never even knew existed.

When they founded the “World’s Foremost Outfitter” at their kitchen table, they could not imagine how far the discipline of hard work and determination would allow them to go. Dick and Mary have hunted all over the globe, pursuing creatures that pushed them to the edge of their limits. They shared camps with people who lived the same way their ancestors did hundreds of years ago. They followed the tracks of buffalo and eland and lions to places few people are lucky enough to see. These things changed the way they would view the world and molded who they would become.

Tanzania took hold of them in ways they never expected. It wrapped around them and held them in a warm embrace as if they had come home after a lifelong absence. What they found in Tanzania were golden sunsets, remarkable people, plants and animals perfected by God, and new friendships that would span generations. Tanzania allowed them to rediscover that part of themselves which lies deep within us all—the part waiting for us to open our hearts and allow ourselves to reconnect. That alone made Tanzania an endless gift.

Not really knowing why, Dick and Mary Cabela began keeping journals to capture moments that would be special far into the future. They never considered these events might later be chronicled in a book. When they finally made that decision—with considerable prodding from family and friends—I was humbled they asked for my assistance. They are two of the most remarkable people I have ever known. The best parts of me come from the sum of these two people. It was my honor to help them put their Tanzania adventures into words.

Their story is about more than adventure, though. It’s a story about two people who loved the outdoors, loved being a part of it, and loved exploring it together.


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