Turnbull Restoration is currently offering a rare rifle that it restored for actor Tom Selleck. The Winchester Model 1886 features a number of unique characteristics that, coupled with its ownership by Matthew Quigley himself, make for a fine collectible firearm.

Selleck had Turnbull restore and upgrade his 1886 in 2000-2001. The rifle, serial number 36779, was built in 1889 and originally chambered for the .40-82 Winchester cartridge. Selleck had the restoration company rechamber the lever action for .50 Express and install a new 26-inch full-octagon barrel, complete with a sporting rear and Lyman #21 silver front sights.

The rifle’s stock has been upgraded as well, with the new buttstock and forend featuring 3XXX walnut. The pistol grip has an early-style ebony wedge, per its original configuration, and the gun’s checkering comes in the H style with 24 lines per inch and a mullered border.

The initials “T.W.S”—Selleck’s middle name is William—are engraved in gold on the bottom of the receiver. It and the lever, hammer, and forend cap were color-case hardened, while the rifle’s smaller parts were charcoal/carbonia blued. The barrel and magazine tube were rust blued.

Additional engraving can be found on the left and right side of the receiver. The left features a bison image, while the right sports an elk.

Letters from Turnbull and the Cody Firearms Records Office are included with the rifle, each verifying its provenance. For more information or to purchase the rifle, visit turnbullrestoration.com.


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