Turnbull Restoration has announced that all Turnbull Ruger Mark IV pistols ordered before November 30 will be eligible for free personalization of up to 20 characters. The engraving—a $50 value—will be on the case-hardened barrel of the popular pistol.

The engraving adds to the gift value of the popular Turnbull Ruger Mark IV Pistol. Customers can choose between wood or synthetic grips as well as a threaded or regular barrel. The engraving will be free regardless of the option set chosen.

“One of the most frequent engraving requests we get are for personalizing firearms, and a lot of them are gifts,” Turnbull CEO and Founder Doug Turnbull said. “We decided to offer the free engraving on the Turnbull Ruger Mark IV pistols given their popularity and place in firearms history. This is a gun you want your name on.

“Better yet, it’s a gift you will be proud to park under the tree.”

The Turnbull Ruger Mark IV features Turnbull’s polish and unique case coloring on the receiver and barrel. The finish is applied using Turnbull’s traditional methods for finish quality and durability. The wood grips are target quality that wrap around the front strap and have finger grooves for shooting stability. The threaded barrel has the industry standard ½”-28 threads for suppressor applications.

Aside from the free personalization, serial numbers and other stampings will be consistent with the style used on the originals, with the addition of the Turnbull “Turning Bull” mark on the barrel. The free engraving will be in the same classic style.



The name will be engraved on one side of the 5½-inch barrel that is available with or without threading for a suppressor. The barrel is case-color finished using Turnbull’s traditional bone and charcoal method for the best and most durable finish.

“The story of the Ruger Mark Series is the story of a legendary American arms maker,” Turnbull said of the target pistols. “You’re going to want to order two—one with your name and the one you meant to give as a gift originally.”

Each Turnbull Mark IV will be chambered in .22 LR and come with two magazines. The trigger and other controls are factory blued. The new Turnbull Mark IV Pistols all incorporate the new easier takedown that Ruger has engineered.

The Turnbull Ruger Mark IV is available from Turnbull Restoration, with the base Turnbull Mark IV featuring the signature case-color finish at an MSRP of $595. The grips can be added for $50; the threaded barrel for another $150. Customers should visit turnbullrestoration.com/markiv for more information and to order.

“All of us here love classic firearms, and most of the staff has at least one personalized firearm,” said Turnbull. “We really wanted to share the pride of ownership that comes with a personalized classic pistol.”

Turnbull is known globally for its ability to take even the most damaged collectible gun and return it to its original look, feel, and function. It also offers a line of new production firearms that incorporate the same quality look and feel as the collectibles it’s famous for restoring. Also available are authentic vintage firearms of many iconic brands from private collections that Turnbull has purchased and inspected, cleaned, and restored where needed.

Now in its third decade, Turnbull Restoration Co., Inc. has maintained a strong commitment to building firearms the way they used to be built. Founder and CEO Doug Turnbull is best known for his mottled color-case hardening, which stands out as the most striking and unique. Turnbull offers other reproductions as well as a full array of the finest and most respected restoration services in the shooting trade.

Visit turnbullrestoration.com for more information.


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