Following up on the successful release of its new Winchester 1892 rifles, Turnbull Restoration Co. is continuing the lever-action series with a Winchester Model 1873. These are new rifles that will feature the unique Turnbull Color Case Finish, charcoal bluing, and rust bluing.

“When it comes to lever actions, the Winchester 1873 is an American icon,” said CEO and Founder Doug Turnbull. “The 1873 was built to be the sturdy, reliable rifle that ranchers, farmers, and law enforcement relied on daily. We are proud to take this workhorse gun and make it into an instant collectible.”

The 1873 rifles will be available in .357-38, .44-40 Winchester, or .45 Colt, all with straight grips. Every rifle has a 24-inch octagonal barrel and factory-checkered stocks. The wood has been Turnbull refinished in a hand-rubbed oil that gives it Winchester’s signature red shade. The .357-38 and .45 Colt models are short stroked, which has been the preference of many shooters since 1883, when the first mass-produced 1873s shipped.

The receiver, lever, hammer, buttplate, and fore-end cap are finished in Turnbull’s unique color-case hardening, using traditional bone and ash methods for the best result. The barrel and magazine tube are finished in Turnbull Rust Blue, and the small parts are finished in Turnbull Charcoal Blue for both finish and strength. The rifles carry an MSRP of $2,500 and are available through Turnbull Restoration.

“Our love for historical firearms is really well known among collectors, shooters, and the industry,” said Turnbull. “The 1873 is one of those for us—from the small-profile lever to the classic look and feel of the octagonal barrel, and, of course, the legendary accuracy.”

The 1873 rifles are fully tested for function and available for order now. For information, availability, and ordering, visit