The Premier Collection, which reprinted classic works of sporting literature in a wide range of areas, was an outgrowth of the early focus of Sporting Classics magazine, and over time it became one of the largest collections of its kind yet to appear. Today many volumes in the series are quite collectible, and anyone who owns a representative sampling of the Premier Collection has a couple of shelves of books which have both aesthetic and literary appeal. What follows is some insight into the evolution of the Premier Collection, along with a full listing of the works it comprises.

At the outset books were chosen by an Advisory Board of four individuals associated with the magazine. John Culler, the founder of Sporting Classics, was board chair. The other members were a noted collector and expert on sporting memorabilia, Shelly Spindel; an employee of the magazine, Bill Vartorella; and yours truly. Kay Jackson designed the volumes, many of which are truly striking in appearance and included a foreword or introduction written by an authority in the field. I wrote a number of these and played a significant role in suggesting others who performed similar duties.

Sometime in late 1989 or 1990 Premier Press and John Culler parted ways. For a few years after that I chose the books, wrote most of the forewords, and, when that was not the case, personally selected the individuals who did. In 1995 John Culler and his son Wade reacquired control of the series, and shortly thereafter my involvement came to an end.

The early volumes featured calf leather, marbled endpapers, and other special features. As the series grew and the cost of bookbinding increased, some of these aesthetic items were replaced with cost-saving measures and the use of forewords was discontinued. After considerable research, I believe that a total of 50 titles were reprinted, although I cannot state definitively that such is the case. The list given below is of the ones I have identified.

As it reveals, the number of volumes published annually varied, as did the amount of limited, numbered editions. Subscribers to the series got the same number each time, though—an individual who started with No. 2711, for example, always got No. 2711.

The listing is ordered alphabetically by author. Also, for further reference, there is a chronological listing of all the books in the Premier Collection showing the year of publication and, where applicable, the name of the individual who provided new material.



1. RUSSELL ANNABEL, Tales of a Big Game Guide

2. NEVILL A.D. ARMSTRONG, After Big Game in the Upper Yukon

3. HAVILAH BABCOCK, My Health Is Better in November

4. HORATIO BIGELOW, Gunnerman’s Gold

5. JOE BROOKS, Bass Bug Fishing and Bermuda Fishing (two volumes in one)


7. NASH BUCKINGHAM, De Shootinest Gent’man


9. ROLAND CLARK, Gunner’s Dawn

10. ROLAND CLARK, Stray Shots and Pot Luck

11. EUGENE CONNETT, Fishing a Trout Stream

12. EUGENE CONNETT, American Big Game Fishing

13. EUGENE CONNETT, Random Casts

14. EUGENE CONNETT, Upland Game Shooting in America

15. EUGENE CONNETT, Wildfowling on the Mississippi Flyway

16. JAMES COOK, Fifty Years on the Frontier

17. EDMUND DAVIS, Woodcock Shooting

18. HENRY EDWARDS DAVIS, The American Wild Turkey

19. T. DAVIS, Caribou Shooting in Newfoundland

20. W. DIMOCK, Wall Street and the Wilds

21. EARL OF DUNRAVEN, Canadian Nights

22. GEORGE BIRD GRINNELL, American Game Bird Shooting

23. PAUL LELAND HAWORTH, On the Headwaters of Peace River

24. VAN CAMPEN HEILNER, A Book on Duck Shooting

25. AGNES HERBERT, Two Dianas in Alaska

26. R. HUBBACK, To Far Western Alaska for Big Game


28. HENRY LANIER, B. Frost

29. HAROLD McCRACKEN, Alaska Bear Trails

30. EDWARD McILHENNY, the Wild Turkey and Its Hunting

31. DAVID MOORE, Camp Fire Reminiscences

32. CHARLES PHAIR, Atlantic Salmon Fishing

33. THEODORE ROOSEVELT, Hunting Trips of a Ranchman

34. THEODORE ROOSEVELT, The Wilderness Hunter

35. ARCHIBALD RUTLEDGE, An American Hunter

36. ARCHIBALD RUTLEDGE, Hunter’s Choice

37. ARCHIBALD RUTLEDGE, Plantation Game Trails

38. C. SELOUS, Recent Hunting Trips in British North America

39. CHARLES SHELDON, The Wilderness of the Upper Yukon

40. CHARLES SHELDON, The Wilderness of the Northwest Pacific Coast Islands

41. CHARLES SHELDON, The Wilderness of Denali

42. P. SHELDON, Tranquility

43. P. SHELDON, Tranquility Revisited

44. BURTON SPILLER, Firelight

45. BURTON SPILLER, Grouse Feathers

46. BURTON SPILLER, Thoroughbred

47. THEODORE VAN DYKE, The Still Hunter

48. HOWARD WALDEN, Upstream & Down

49. CASPAR WHITNEY, On Snow Shoes to the Barren Ground

50. O. YOUNG, Alaskan Trophies Won and Lost




1. Roland Clark, Gunner’s Dawn (Foreword by Paul Rundell)



2. Havilah Babcock, My Health Is Better In November (Foreword by Lloyd Davis)

3. Nash Buckingham, De Shootinest Gent’man (Introduction by Jim Casada)

4. Eugene Connett, Wildfowling the Mississippi Flyway (Foreword by Charles L. Woodard)

5. Preston Jennings, A Book of Trout Flies (Foreword by Paul Schullery)



6. Russell Annabel, Tales of a Big Game Guide (Foreword by Ellen Enzler-Herring)

7. Roland Clark, Stray Shots and Pot Luck (Foreword by Ernest S. Hickcock)

8. Eugene Connett, Upland Game Bird Shooting (Foreword by George Bird Evans)

9. Henry W. Lanier, A.B. Frost (Foreword by Charles Woodard)

10. Charles Phair, Atlantic Salmon Fishing (Foreword by Joseph Wilcox)

11. Burton Spiller, Firelight (Foreword by E.M. Saniga)

12. Howard Walden, II, Upstream & Down (Foreword by Paul Schullery)



13. Nash Buckingham, Ole Miss’ (Introduction by Jim Casada)

14. Eugene Connett, American Big Game Fishing (Foreword by Jim Casada)

15.Edmund Davis, Woodcock Shooting (Foreword by George Bird Evans)

16. E.A. McIlhenny, The Wild Turkey and Its Hunting (Foreword by John Randolph)

17. Burton Spiller, Grouse Feathers (Foreword by George Bird Evans)



18. Eugene Connett, Random Casts (Foreword by Jim Casada)

19. Theodore Roosevelt, The Wilderness Hunter (Foreword by Jim Casada)

20. Frederick C. Selous, Recent Hunting Trips in British North America (Introduction by Charles A. Wechsler)

21. Charles Sheldon, The Wilderness of the Upper Yukon (Foreword by Jim Casada)



22. Nash Buckingham, Blood Lines (Introduction by Jim Casada)

23. Henry Edwards Davis, The American Wild Turkey (Introduction by John Randolph)

24. Theodore Van Dyke, The Still Hunter (Introduction by Rob Wegner)



25. Horatio Bigelow, Gunnerman’s Gold (Foreword by Jim Casada)

26. Eugene Connett, Fishing a Trout Stream (Foreword by Paul Schullery)

27. Theodore Roosevelt, Hunting Trips of a Ranchman (Foreword by John D. Fair)



28. Archibald Rutledge, An American Hunter (Foreword by Rob Wegner)



29. Joe Brooks, Bass Bug Fishing and Bermuda Fishing—two books combined (Foreword by Jim Casada)

30. Van Campen Heilner, A Book on Duck Shooting (Introduction by Jim Casada)

31. G.O. Young, Alaskan Trophies Won and Lost (Foreword by Jim Casada)

32. Harold P. Sheldon, Tranquility Revisited (Foreword by Jim Casada)



33. Archibald Rutledge, Hunter’s Choice (Foreword by Jim Casada)

34. A.W. Dimock, Wall Street and the Wilds (Foreword by Jim Casada)

35. Charles Sheldon, The Wilderness of Denali (Introduction by Jim Casada)

36. Burton Spiller, Thoroughbred (Foreword by Jim Casada)



37. T.R. Hubback, To Far Western Alaska for Big Game (Introduction by Jim Casada)

38. Archibald Rutledge, Plantation Game Trails (Foreword by Philip Drennon Thomas)

39. Charles Sheldon, The Wilderness of the NW Pacific Coast Islands (Foreword by Jim Casada)



40. Nevill Alexander Drummond Armstrong, After Big Game in the Upper Yukon (Foreword by Jared Lobdell)

41. Lord Dunraven, Canadian Nights (Foreword by Phillip Drennon Thomas)

42. George Bird Grinnell, American Game Bird Shooting (Foreword by Phillip Drennon Thomas)

43. Harold Sheldon, Tranquility (Foreword by Jim Casada)



44. Paul Leland Haworth, On the Headwaters of the Peace River

45. David Moore Lindsay, Camp-Fire Reminiscences

46. Casper Whitney, On Snow Shoes to the Barren Ground



47. Harold McCracken, Alaska Bear Trails

48. James H. Cook, Fifty Years on the Old Frontier

49. S.T. Davis, Caribou Shooting in Newfoundland

50. Agnes Herbert and A. Shikari, Two Dianas in Alaska


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