This video contains a lot of interesting info on TR’s prized revolver, but what it omits is even more so. His Colt Model 1892 Army & Navy was indeed stolen from Sagamore Hill—twice!

It was first stolen in 1963. Few details are known about this theft, but it was later recovered and placed back on display in Sagamore Hill’s Old Orchard Museum. It remained there until April 5, 1990, when someone reportedly “jimmied the lock” of its display case and took off with it, according to a NY Times article. The Colt was last seen on that Thursday but not noted as missing until two days later.

The revolver was missing for 16 years until someone anonymously turned it in to the FBI. No arrest was ever made in the case, and the thief remains at large to this day.

To top it all off? The Colt was valued at $500,000 in 1990, but, incredibly, it was uninsured at the time of its theft.




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