Ice fishing is nothing to take lightly. You need to make doubly sure that the ice you’re driving across can support your vehicle and anything it’s towing, otherwise your rig could end up at the bottom of the lake like this man’s.

But tragedy can strike even when every precaution is taken. Such was the case with Lewis Street, a fisherman on Lake Michigan in 1929. Unknown to anyone outside his home town, Street quickly became a national sensation after he was stranded on an ice floe. It took more than a week for him to reach safety—but not without a tremendous amount of injury!

Read the story of Lewis Street in “Frozen Terror,” part of Sporting Classics’ new March/April 2017 issue. Subscriber copies are mailing now and the newsstand version can be purchased beginning March 7, or you can subscribe to the digital version of the magazine and get the new issue today.







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