Sporting Classics and the Daily are preparing for the Texas Hill Country Shooting Classic & Sporting Expo next weekend, and you should be, too. Associate & Online Editor Taylor Pardue will be in Boerne, Texas, for the second year of this amazing shoot, bringing coverage back for the readers and signing up new subscribers. You can check in for details on the following Monday, or do one better and plan to attend and participate firsthand.

The event is held at Boerne’s Joshua Creek Ranch on Saturday, June 11. The classic starts at 8 a.m. and features several shooting opportunities for attendees. Sub-gauge, youth, and women’s shoots all take place over the course of the day, with the main event occurring in two parts — a morning and an afternoon shoot.

Scorecards are submitted at 5 p.m., followed by live music and a buffet dinner. A fundraiser auction/raffle takes place concurrently.

The event benefits Trinity Oaks, an organization that works with children, veterans, the terminally ill, and others. Through hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities, Trinity Oaks helps those in need experience one-in-a-lifetime moments afield.


For more information, visit today. To sign up for the shoot, visit



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