Dear Sporting Classics,

To say it mildly, to be one of the winners of the 35th anniversary Henry rifles is an extreme honor. When I saw the announcement that the winners were drawn, I remembered I had entered this contest. As I eagerly checked out who the winners were, I immediately scrolled down to the last paragraph, figuring the full names of the winners would be there.

When I read the names “Gary & Thomas,” I said, “No way. Nope, it can’t be me.” I said to myself, “This must be some dork with the same first name as mine.” When I shot back up to the first paragraph, I couldn’t believe it—I must say it felt great to be that dork!

I have owned a lot of firearms, but never a Henry. This has now changed, and the rifle is beautiful and outstanding in quality. I look forward to adding another Henry to my collection.

To top off the whole experience, I ordered the 35th anniversary knife set to go along with the rifle. Serial #2 was still available—unbelievable! I now have the 35th #2 rifle and knife set.

My thanks and gratitude to Sporting Classics, Henry Repeating Arms, White River Knives, and all the individuals involved in this project.


Thomas F. Belanger