Continuing its 35th anniversary celebration, Sporting Classics proudly introduces the new Sporting Lifestyle issue. The special print edition takes readers through the classic and contemporary domains of various outdoorsmen and women. Feast your eyes on the trophy rooms and man caves of Ernest Hemingway, Robert Ruark, and Theodore Roosevelt; visit the beautiful sporting-themed rooms at the Biltmore House; see the exquisite homes of Dick and Mary Cabela — It’s all in this special edition of Sporting Classics, and more.

Woven into the great sporting homes of yesterday and today are the products you’ll need to make your own outdoor-themed indoors. There’s plenty of the hunting and fishing content Sporting Classics is famous for, as well.

This Sporting Lifestyle issue is the inaugural edition, with the theme becoming a staple for the magazine each spring. “The Bobwhite Chariot” is a special preview of its upcoming contents.

The 2016 issue is mailing to subscribers now and will hit newsstands March 28. Subscribe today to get Sporting Classics delivered directly to your door!


Features in the new Sporting Lifestyle issue include:


“No Sporting Chance”

Hope, love, and trout – odds against tomorrow.

Fiction by Ryan Stalvey


“The Magic Box”

Old Men and Boys and Dogs and Guns – like the years – would come and go. But not the magic. It lived there.

By Mike Gaddis


“Hemingway on Safari”

A collection of proof sheets taken during Hemingway’s 1952 Kenya safari presented with excerpts from the author’s timeless writings.

Photography by Earl Theisen


“A Tip For the Taxi Driver”

Misadventure and Spey flies.

By Tom Davis


“The Sportsman’s Lair”

A tour of sportsmen’s homes and lairs that truly epitomize the outdoor life.


“Casts Of Enlightenment”

India, a land of majestic palaces, kings, and maharajas, of towering mountains and savage tigers, is also a fantastic destination for fly fishermen.

Photography & Story by Val Atkinson


“A Hunter’s Coat”

Whenever he wears the old canvas coat, he feels the heart, a hunter’s heart, of the man who wore it.

By Rick Leonardi


“Tallyho & Tribulation”

Viewed as a noisy spectacle filled with pomp and pageantry, fox hunting is essentially an elemental struggle against dashed hopes – a sport in which things rarely go right.

By Stephen Budiansky



A hunter’s paradise in the heart of Quail Country.

By Doug Painter




First Light

From a higher hill, we truly come to “why” we love the sporting life most.

By Mike Gaddis



“It’s the land, Scarlett . . .  worth fightin for’ . . .”

By Roger Pinckney



The bird buggy is a regular fixture on most quail hunts in the Deep South.

By Tom Keer


Wild Heritage

The Women’s Leadership Forum encourages its members to help secure the future of the NRA.

By Susan LaPierre



The .275 Rigby Mauser is considered by many the epitome of an all-around rifle.

By Ron Spomer



Two shells will help you slow down and take one or two good shots instead of three hurried tries.

By Robert Matthews



If we could only be the people our dogs think we are.

By Tom Davis


Sporting Life

The mint julep remains a symbol of the vanished South.

By Jameson Parker



Jim Carmichel continues to grow younger, his long and storied life rich with memory.

By Michael Altizer



The decoy is, in essence, a historical document of our golden age of waterfowling.

By Lloyd Newberry


Art & Etc.

Mark Susinno and Sam MacDonald captivate us with their inspiring reverence for fish.

By Todd Wilkinson



At the old elk camp, the air is cleaner and life’s problems are far, far away.

By Dwight Van Brunt



These books celebrate the traditions and rituals that form an integral part of the sporting experience.

By Jim Casada