Despite dwindling opportunities for hunting dangerous game, few people would argue that Africa isn’t still the last great hunting ground. By standards applicable anywhere else in the world, the amount of hoofed game found there is staggering, and the same can be said of its bird populations.

In all honesty, I have little desire to hunt dangerous game again. Luckily, I was able to do that while it was still readily available. But once Africa takes hold of you, she never lets go, and I’ve just got to go at least one more time.

I’m heading there again this May. It’ll be late spring, crowding summer here in the States, but it’ll be autumn there. I’ll probably stay until August, or until the bird hunting tapers off. I might shoot a kudu or some such thing while I’m there, but the main event will be the birds. I’ll be in the area around Kimberly, South Africa, where the dove and pigeon populations rival those in South America, but it scarcely seems to matter how many there are when, by any method of accounting, there are many times more than a fellow could shoot.

Since we’re going to be in an area where both game and birds are available, there is sure to be plenty of adventure, which will show up in the pages of Sporting Classics. I’ll also be sending back dispatches every day or three to Sporting Classics Daily, reporting everything as it happens.

Hopefully, we’ll have some of our readers along for company. Gordon Stark’s Nhoro Safaris is putting on the show, and he has made room for a few more folks. The idea is to give some readers the chance to sample the fantastic bird and plains game hunting, but most of all, to give them a chance to experience a small part of Africa before it’s all gone. It’s a new venue for some great bird shooting, and a new way to see Africa. It’s sure to be a grand time, and the cost will be fairly small.

If you’d like to come along and have some fun at a nominal cost, call us at 706-244-0523.



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