Snow Goose MigrationThe snow goose migration is well underway in central North Dakota!This flock, captured five miles north of Woodworth, was one mile long and several hundred yards wide. The photographer said it took him 15 photos to capture the mile-long flock, which he estimates to number well over a million birds. He finally decided to grab his video camera so he could capture them all for you to see. There truly is no place like America’s Prairie Pothole Region!Video Credit: Rick Bohn (March 2016)

Posted by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Mountain-Prairie Region on Wednesday, March 30, 2016



Snow geese are on their way back north to the Prairie Pothole Region, still grossly overpopulated despite the liberal hunting limits allowed in the United States. Unplugged shotguns, electronic callers, and limitless daily bags haven’t kept individual flocks from numbering in the millions, as this video attests.

Rick Bohn captured this footage back in March as the birds began winging their way northward. The birds were near Woodworth, North Dakota, when he stopped to photograph their passage. After 15 photos he gave up trying to capture all of the birds with stills, switching instead to a video camera and shooting the footage seen above. He estimated the flock to contain one million birds, spread out over a mile and several hundred yards in width.




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