At its world-class facilities in New Hampshire, Oregon, and Arkansas, Sig Sauer manufactures the finest firearms, ammunition, electro-optics, suppressors, and Advanced Sport Pellet airguns, while also offering the highest-quality firearms and tactical instruction and training at the renowned Sig Sauer Academy.

This broad capability earns SIG the unique reputation as “The Complete Systems Provider.” This total package and relentless focus on performance, innovation, and design sets Sig Sauer apart from other firearm manufacturers, as its diverse product line and complementary training programs are unmatched in the firearms industry.

When it is “Made by SIG,” it boasts the same exacting standards of quality, reliability, and performance that have made Sig Sauer the brand of choice for many of the most elite military, government, and law enforcement units across the globe. Regardless of whether a SIG product will be used by a soldier, law enforcement officer, or private citizen, it is made with the same rigorous and relentless quality to ensure that Sig Sauer will perform when it matters most.

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