On Tuesday the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition announced its Featured Artist and Featured Painting for the 2017 event, marking 35 years of excellence in wildlife art, conservation, and the sporting life. Ezra Tucker has been named Featured Artist, with his painting Maternal Manner selected as the Featured Painting—and subject of the official SEWE 2017 poster.

Ezra Tucker, a resident of Colorado, began his award-winning career more than four decades ago in the field of illustration, producing many familiar advertisements and enduring images. Noted works include his paintings of “Smokey the Bear” for the National Park Service and the Budweiser Clydesdales, among others.

Tucker has spent many years pursuing his intense interest in nature, zoology, and wildlife art. His bold and distinctive style of painting reflects acute observation and knowledge of his subject, displays an intimate and emotional portrait quality, and showcases adept storytelling. Choosing to paint wildlife almost exclusively, he paints his animals as having apparent intelligence and individual, distinctive personalities.

“To be chosen as the featured artist for the 35th annual Southeastern Wildlife Exposition is an unexpected honor,” Tucker said. “It means to me that I have achieved a quality to my art that is worthy of highlight and inclusion in the legacy of SEWE and the exceptional world of Wildlife Art.”


"Maternal Manner," by Ezra Tucker.

“Maternal Manner,” by Ezra Tucker.


The 2017 Featured Painting, Maternal Manner, portrays an elk cow and calf.

“It was inspired by my observation of the beauty and warmth of the nurturing and protective relationship of mother to offspring,” Tucker said. “I wanted to capture the subtle interaction and physical contact of the mother elk with its offspring teaching the calf survival skills. My objective was to depict, up close, their reaction to the moment they become aware of a non-threatening, admiring audience.”

“The featured painting for 2017 is a beautiful piece which sets an exciting tone for the complete body of work yet to come,” adds SEWE Executive Director John Powell. “The generational aspect of the painting is especially fitting in this 35th year of SEWE. Several generations of collectors and wildlife art enthusiasts will be on hand in February to celebrate Ezra and another extraordinary group of artists.”

With an ongoing focus on bringing renowned wildlife and sporting art to Charleston, SEWE welcomes Guest Artists Richard Loffler and Van Marshall. Loffler is a sculptor from Saskatchewan; Van Marshall, a carver from Summerville, South Carolina.

The original painting will be available at auction during the VIP Preview Gala and Sale on February 16, 2017. The Official 2017 Poster (seen below) is available for purchase now on sewe.com for $40.

SEWE 2017 Poster, Maternal Manner by Ezra Tucker