Sporting Classics’  January/February 2016 issue saw a major size increase, both in the height and width of the magazine. Next came our new Sporting Lifestyle issue, dedicated to the hearths and homes of the world’s greatest sportsmen and women. Then we debuted our new Gundog issue, followed by an update of the magazine’s layout and content in our 35th anniversary edition.

Starting next week, subscribers will begin receiving the new September/October 2016 issue in their mailboxes. From the front cover on, this issue continues our 35th anniversary year in style.

The new cover will certainly catch your eye. “Reclining Tiger,” a painting by Bob Kuhn, graces the front of our new issue. More than just an aesthetic choice, the image leads into one of the feature articles. “The Strange Death of Sgt. Phleger” is just that—a U.S. Marine in Vietnam, Phleger meets a most untimely end, not by bullet or blade, but by a killer of a different stripe altogether.

This issue takes you all around the world, from quail hunting in Egypt to moose hunting in Alaska. Fly fish off the coast of Costa Rica . . . until an earthquake forces you to flee to shore. Look down from a tree limb at the murderous wolves waiting in the darkness below. Bowhunt for whitetails, fish with Chinese traditionalists, travel on exotic hunts with Eva Shockey. There is, quite literally, something for everyone.

The new issues are mailing now and will arrive in the next few days. Not a subscriber? Subscribe today, or pick up a copy at your local newsstand August 29. Better yet, digitally subscribe and receive the new issue immediately!


The new issue includes:

A Day with Egyptian Quail 

In the shadows of the pyramids he found excellent hunting for quail.

By Col. J.F. Milliken


Under the Volcano 

Fly fishing for sailfish and tarpon in Costa Rica . . . until the earthquake came.

By  Robert F. Jones


The Strange Death of Sgt. Phleger

A small squad of Marines finds itself under siege by a deadly killer.

By Ken Kirkeby


The Great Buffalo Con Job 

“Ah, look at those horns, the biggest buffalo I’ve ever seen in my life.”

By Jim Carmichel


A Night Among Wolves

The hunter becomes the hunted on a dark night deep in a Russian forest.

By Fred Whishaw


Fishing with Birds in the Land of the Rising Sun

An enchanting journey into the world of China’s cormorant fishermen.


A Wingshooting Spectacle

Mind-stretching numbers of ducks and geese descend on Hooray’s fields and ponds.

By Keith Wood


Andreafsky’s Secret

He could only marvel at the giant moose that haunted the fog-filled wilderness.

By David Cabela


Hunting with History

Unsurpassed bird hunting and fascinating historical sights at Flying B Ranch.

By Robert Matthews


Grandpa Didn’t Fly Fish

Memories of Grandpa and the solid tug of a big bluegill are all he needs.

By Jon Osborn


Birds, The Hard Way 

Chasing woodcock and ruffs in thick and uncivil places.

By Tom Davis


Columns by Mike Gaddis, Larry Chesney, Robert Matthews, Tom Keer, Jameson Parker, Susan L. Ebert, Roger Pinckney, Michael Altizer, Ron Spomer, John Ross, Todd Wilkinson, Gayne Young, Dwight Van Brunt, Todd Tanner, Tom Davis, and Jim Casada.