Sporting Classics is proud to announce the drop of its latest issue. The Sept./Oct. 2017 issue is mailing to subscribers now and will debut on newsstands September 5.

This exciting new issue includes a number of special features. Read about Jim Corbett nearly being mauled by a tiger he was tracking. Learn about a species of Chinese deer you’ve probably never heard of. Come face-to-face with the deadly and dangerous grizzlies and brown bears of North America. To top it all off, see our annual review of new rifles and ammo—and a roundup of the best in sporting homes and decor!

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Included in this issue:


The Kanda Man-Eater

One can suffer a bad case of mixed emotions when trying to call in a man-killing tiger.

By Jim Corbett


The Woman with Wide-Set Eyes

A woman of breathtaking beauty was the last thing he expected to see.

By Tom Davis


Old Glory’s Trout

Sometimes your most treasured moments on a trout stream must remain a secret.

By Howard T. Walden II


Giants of the Earth

A close encounter with a grizzly or brown bear can be an unforgettable experience.

By John Ross


Moose Work

Their hunting adventure really began after they had skinned and quartered the huge bull.

By Patrick Meitin


Middleton Rules

The rising of the sun and the running of the deer.

By Roger Pinckney & Elizabeth Sher


Père David’s Deer—Back from the Brink

The story of a deer species discovered more than 150 years ago.

By Duncan Dobie


Grouse Camp

Every day is special in grouse country.

By Dale Spartas


One Hunter’s Journey

It was hunting that helped the young Special Forces soldier win the struggle of life.

By Walt Hampton


It Could Go Eider Way

Predators are threatening to destroy some of the best duck hunting on the East Coast.

By Ron Spomer



A boy and a bass . . . on the quiet waters of a lake on a Saturday afternoon.

By Johnny Carrol Sain


Blocks of Gold

The decoy is, in essence, a historical document of our golden age of waterfowling.

By Lloyd Newberry


M&M Hunting and Sporting Clays

You can do it all at this New Jersey preserve.

By Doug Painter


Columns by Mike Gaddis, Roger Pinckney, Ron Spomer, Dwight Van Brunt, Todd Wilkinson, Robert Matthews, Tom Keer, Michael Altizer, Jameson Parker, Larry Chesney, Tom Davis, John Ross, and Jim Casada.