Safari Club International is well known for its big game trophy records. Everything from bobcats to bongos can be found in its massive record book, with its online version able to show the latest content in real time. Now the conservation and hunting organization is expanding its focus from only big game species to game birds.

SCI’s new “Game Birds of the World” program is a major shift for the organization, which has not recognized quail, ducks, geese, and the like in its 45-year history.

“The purpose of the new Game Birds of the World is to bring greater attention to the wonderful bird hunting opportunities throughout the globe and to provide additional goals for hunters who have either completed their big game hunting or are looking for another hunt to supplement their big game hunts,” SCI said in an announcement for the new program.

The new program is a stand-alone feature and will not be mixed with SCI’s big game records. Since birds aren’t measured like a buck’s antlers or a bear’s skull, trophy entries will be different than big game ones. Photographs will be submitted as prove of a kill, with birds needing to be spread wing tip to wing tip to allow for precise identification on SCI’s end.

The birds must be legally taken during a lawful hunting season with a shotgun, have a known population status, be recognized as either an upland or waterfowl species, and be taken on the wing.

Bobwhite quail, mourning doves, harlequin ducks, tundra swans, and many, many more species will be accepted, with categories for Africa, Asia, Europe, the South Pacific, Eurasia, and the Americas. To view the full list, click here.

Eight new North American grand slams are also being introduced, some for waterfowl and some for upland birds. Grand slams for other areas of the world may be added in the future.

For more details on SCI’s new game bird program and to begin entering your own trophies, click here.