The SCI Convention in Las Vegas hit full stride today, with crowded aisles and strong business reported across the show floor in virtually every category. As always, the biggest and best drew the most attention.

Julian & Sons builds custom offices and gun rooms (see cover image) that are literally in a class by themselves. No one else comes close. Tom and his crew were busy the entire day, customers waiting their turn to begin planning their special projects.


IMGP0300As always, a staggering display of the very best in wildlife art received a great deal of attention, including this realistic study of mountain goats taking a midday break.


IMGP0301Terry Wilson Antler Designs offered an amazing selection of furniture and fixtures, including a moose antler table that would easily be the centerpiece in any room.


IMGP0302Murray Leather was busy as usual. No surprise here, as their premium cases, cartridge belts, and brief cases are heirloom quality. Many SCI members insist on their products, as they are sure to last a lifetime.


IMGP0305This new Jeffery .470 Nitro Express double rifle was one of the finest in the show. Even at $80,000, it offers exceptional value and simply begs to be shouldered and carried on the elephant trail.


IMGP0308As always, Beretta had one of the most impressive displays at the show. Under their tents could be found everything needed for just about any adventure. From clothing to fine firearms and a full line of hunting and shooting accessories, it was easy to spend an hour in their huge booths and never see the same thing twice.


IMGP0310The Banovich display was another A-list stop, and this year’s selection of paintings and bronze was their finest to date … and that’s bold talk. A striking kudu bronze was one of the highlights.


IMGP0313More than a few youngsters were taking in the sights today, including this mother and daughter from San Francisco. The little girl couldn’t stop waving at everyone who passed by, welcoming everyone’s attention while enjoying all the excitement.


IMGP0314SCI isn’t all about hunting. Fantastic fresh and salt water fishing expeditions were showcased on every aisle. Trips for peacock bass down Central America way, as well as salmon in Canada and Alaska, seemed to be much in demand.


IMGP0317Big elk seem to be near the top of everyone’s list. Outfitters from across the American west and Canada showed off their biggest and best, including this monster that was surely one of the most impressive at the show.


The Safari Club International Convention wraps up Saturday afternoon. Before closing, some $10 million will be raised at the auctions for the benefit of conservation and to protect hunting around the world. Come see it if you can. If not this year, start planning to attend in 2017. No other hunting show in the world comes close.



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