Artistry and firearms have walked side-by-side for centuries. Over that time kings, noblemen, and great military men have all desired something to set their weapons apart, requiring the finest craftsmanship and materials complete with unmatched artistry. Today is no different. The highest-quality firearms are required on a hunt, and pleasing aesthetics always turn a head or capture a wandering eye. They make a gun unique, personal, and admirable among peers.

Rock Island Auction Company will have no shortage of these fine arms in its December Premiere Firearms Auction. Held December 1-3, 2017, the sale will feature sporting arms from some of the world’s most renowned firms, including Holland & Holland, Rigby, W.W. Greener, Parker Brothers, Heym, Krieghoff, Blaser, and more.

Of note to big game hunters will be the copious selection of large-bore rifles in a stunning variety of rare, exotic, and powerful calibers. The full selection may be browsed and searched at