The Freedom Challenge grassroots campaign was created by Rock Island Auction Company to raise awareness and financial support for NRA-ILA, an organization that has stalwartly defended the Second Amendment for decades. And the timing couldn’t be more perfect; 2016 is the most important year we’ve seen in a generation or more. The attacks on the Second Amendment are relentless, with many politicians, government officials, and members of the media looking to destroy our Constitutional rights. The Supreme Court’s greatest Second Amendment advocate—Justice Antonin Scalia—has passed away, leaving a vacancy on the Court that the next president will fill. Simply put, our firearm and other freedoms hang in the balance.

Those willing to step into the fray are encouraged to participate in this new Freedom Challenge program. To donate, visit the Freedom Challenge website and enter your donation amount. RIAC will match it dollar for dollar, bringing $2 million or more into the NRA’s war chest as the battle for your rights continues.