For its slate of 2018 sales, Rock Island Auction Company has lined up a spectacular array of firearms, bladed weapons, and military artifacts from some of the nation’s most notable collectors.

The firearms auction schedule currently includes:

  • Premiere – April 13-15; September 7-9; and November 30 – December 2
  • Regional – February 15-18 and June 21-24
  • Online – January 11, March 29, July 19, and November 1


Perhaps the most well-known firearms collection is that of the NRA’s 63rd president, Allan D. Cors. His guns will be flanked by the lifetime collections of Robert Ferro, Dr. Bruce Shulak, and the Robert Berryman Bowie Knife & Push Dagger Collection, as well as another assortment of firearms from Robert M. Lee, who assembled the finest firearms collection in the 20th century.

RIAC will also present a significant offering of military vehicles. A group of colossal tanks will appear beside experimental jeeps; recoilless rifles and armored vehicles will be juxtaposed with nimble military motorcycles. The exclamation point on it all will be the high-flying Russian military symbol of the Cold War: a MiG-21 supersonic interceptor fighter jet.

All of this military equipment will be accompanied by an ever-growing selection of collectible and modern firearms in all genres—Winchesters, Colts, Smith & Wessons, and other exquisite sporting arms.

These remarkable offerings represent not only an opportunity for the buyers of fine firearms, but also for those wishing to sell. News of these collections will spread like wildfire, reaching vast numbers of hunters, shooters, collectors, and investors. Consign alongside them and your items can enjoy the same bright spotlight. (Rock Island does not charge for providing estimates of what your items might bring at auction.)

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