London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. recently unveiled its highly anticipated Highland Stalker rifle, which is inspired by the smaller-caliber Rigby rifles used by iconic British adventurers such as Karamojo Bell and Jim Corbett. Rigby regards the Scottish Highlands as the birthplace of stalking, and the title befits the rifle.

Available in both men’s and ladies’ versions, the rifle took three years to develop with Rigby’s historic partner Mauser. The stunning rifle features Grade 5 wood as standard, traditional Rigby-pattern iron sights, an ambidextrous stock, rounded grip shape, hand-finished checkering, and original-style engraving. Weighing 7½ pounds, the rifle’s magazine holds 4+1 for all calibers. Of course, numerous upgrades and embellishments are available to any specification. Available in .275 Rigby, .308, .30-06, 8×57, and 9.3×62.

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