Sporting Classics is back in the office after a great weekend at the Southern Side-by-Side Spring Classic. The shoot ran Thursday through Sunday, with shoots for not only side-bys but over-and-unders and classic pump guns, as well. The magazine was there with legendary gun writer Jim Carmichel, who took time from shooting the numerous events to meet readers and sign copies of his new book, Classic Carmichel: Stories From The Field.

Several special events took place, from the Classic Slide Action event on Thursday to the L.C. Smith/Parker event. The weekend culminated in the Ripon Cup on Sunday, along with a special black-powder-only shoot.

The shooting was sort of a backdrop for the camaraderie the shooters and vendors enjoyed. It was particularly exciting for me to get my copy of Classic Carmichel signed by Jim, along with picking his brain about an upcoming moose hunt, my first, that is scheduled to take place in 2017. He confirmed my belief that a .30-06 would be plenty of gun with 180-grain loads. (He pronounces it “Thirty-Oh-Six,” which only adds to his gentlemanly persona.)

Along with Carmichel, several of Sporting Classic’s/SC Daily’s regular contributors were there. Bob Matthews stopped by to discuss a hammered 28-gauge side-by-side with Jim, and L.D. McCaa brought over an exquisitely crafted vintage Rigby he had just purchased (more on that in an upcoming Daily article).

For those who missed the Spring shoot, make plans now to attend the Fall Classic in Georgetown, S.C. The newer of the two, the 9th annual Fall Classic takes place Oct. 21-23. If you missed out on getting a copy of Classic Carmichel, pick up the collection of stories from the Sporting Classics Store today!



L.D. McCaa with a vintage Rigby in .416 Rigby. His dog, aptly named Rigby, hopped into the chair on his own to be part of the shot.



Jim Carmichel examines L.D.’s Rigby.



L-r: Bob Matthews, Trent Morgan, and Jim Carmichel examine a hammered 28-gauge side-by.



Rows — and rows, and rows — of fine side-by-sides were placed under tents at this year’s Side-by-Side Spring Classic.



Case in point: A plethora of double guns at the Kevin’s booth.