Sporting Classics is back in the office after an exciting weekend in Charleston, S.C. The magazine manned two booths at this year’s Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, a show entirely dedicated to the beauty of wildlife-related art. As Sporting Classics Daily found, that art can come in the form of oil paintings, digitally created mixed-media pieces, knives, carvings, and, as was evident by the amount of attention two writers drew, the written word.

Both Jim Carmichel and John Seerey-Lester were at the 2016 SEWE show to sign copies of their new books — Classic Carmichel and The Legendary Hunts of Theodore Roosevelt, respectively. Attendees flocked to the booths to meet these literary idols, receiving personalized messages and face-to-face interactions they will talk about for years. For many, the show was a chance to see the writers for the first time; others reminisced with the two about old times and past hunts.

Accompanied by his lovely wife, Linda, Jim Carmichel signed his new book and helped spread the tales of his hunting adventures to old and new readers. As incredible as it sounds, a few attendees had never read after Carmichel before. Classic Carmichel provided them their first taste of his expertly crafted prose, and what a taste it is!

Classic Carmichel brings together writing from his 40 years as Shooting Editor for Outdoor Life. The book features nearly 400 pages of stories and firearms knowledge, along with more than 100 never-before-published photos. Those who were unable to attend the SEWE show can still receive a signed copy of his book through the Sporting Classics store today.

John Seerey-Lester is a perennial favorite at SEWE, where he is held in the highest esteem by his fellow artists. Many came by to pick up copies of The Legendary Hunts of Theodore Roosevelt — for which Seerey-Lester not only painted the artwork, but also wrote the accompanying stories — and to chat with he and his charming wife, Suzie.

Legendary Hunts of Theodore Roosevelt details the worldwide hunting adventures of the 26th President of the United States, along with a look at his time as a ranchman. The 200-page book contains 150 paintings and sketches, along with a foreword by Roosevelt’s great-grandson, Tweed Roosevelt.

Like Carmichel’s book, signed copies of Legendary Hunts can be had through the Sporting Classics store.

SEWE is the largest festival of its kind in the United States. The wildlife art show is held annually in Downtown Charleston, S.C., with several locations around the area for attendees to visit. Its mission is to promote the local economy while providing funding for wildlife and nature preservation/conservation.

The first expo was held in 1983, with 100 exhibitors and 5,000 attendees. This year saw 500 exhibitors participate, with an estimated 40,000 people attending the event. Sporting Classics is a proud sponsor of SEWE and shares in its passion for the outdoors and outdoor art.


Fans are pleasantly surprised to find John Seerey-Lester signing copies of his new book.


From left to right: Sporting Classics’ publisher, Duncan Grant; Sporting Classics’ Bill Jackson; artist Chad Poppleton; artist David Turner.


Jim Carmichel, seated left, talks about his various hunting adventures with artist Chad Poppleton.


This painting, Grace and Power, by 2016 SEWE Featured Artist Kyle Sims was auctioned off for $20,000 at the event.


Artist Heiner Hertling poses in front of his painting, Swan Lake.


Hugh McLaurin of Big Lake Outdoor Products with a wide selection of calls.


Several artists performed live demonstrations of their work for SEWE attendees.



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