I first saw Hornady’s RAPiD Safes at the 2017 Dallas Safari Club convention. The line of gun safes and accessories are built around a touch-free entry system with numerous access methods, and my brief encounter with the line left a good impression on me. Seeing a solution to my carry gun digging into my side while working at a desk, it wasn’t long before I ordered one myself.

The RAPiD Safe comes in two sizes: the 2600KP, the large option, and the 2700KP, the XL. I opted for the 2700KP, as I carry everything from a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard in .380 to a Glock 17 depending on the season. It fit my S&W Shield beautifully, and with plenty of padding to sandwich the gun when the lid’s closed, the pistol was in the same position I left it in when I reached for it later. No rattling around, no sliding back and forth.

The roughly 14½x8½-inch 2700KP has a definite heft to it—the first generation of these safes came with 16-gauge steel, but newer models feature 14-gauge steel. On top is a four-digit keypad with a fob reader toward the upper-right corner of the Hornady “H”. Users have five access options: a traditional four-digit key code, a wristband, a keychain, a sticker that can be attached to a smartphone or other items, and a credit card-size pass. The latter is sold separately, while the wristband, two stickers, and a keychain ship with the safe.

The safe can be programmed with any five combinations of these measures. If you and your significant other both want to access the handgun via a wristband, simply purchase an additional wristband, program it in, then go to swiping. Same with the smartphone stickers, keychains, etc. You don’t have to include a key code, but having a backup for the fobs seems prudent.


Fits like a glove.


The safe can be powered by four AA batteries for self-sufficiency, or a AC power cord can be run through a small port on either side of the safe for constant, reliable power. The latter works fine for a nightstand, but a desk drawer necessitates the batteries. Hornady estimates a year of service off one set depending on usage, so regular swapping out for fresh batteries will keep everything running smoothly.

An added option is to run the supplied lock cable through one of the safe’s side ports, attaching it to a table leg or some other stable platform. Between a thief not being able to break into the box and not being able to tote it off, no one’s getting your gun but you.

Using the safe is a good option for me when I’m sitting at a desk all day. I prefer the wristband for quick access, as it’s already on my shooting hand when I go for my gun. The stickers would work well on a smartphone laying next to your nightstand-based safe, and the key fob could be useful anywhere. I haven’t tried the “credit card,” but it uses the same fob technology as the other options and should work well.


There are multiple ways to open a RAPiD Safe, including the wristband, key fob, and sticker methods.


One thing I would change about the RAPiD Safe is the lid’s opening angle. I’d like to see it open just a bit higher so I could get to my gun easier in a deep desk drawer, but for nightstands, shelves, and the average desk drawer, no problems whatsoever.

Hornady lists the 2600KP’s MSRP as $174.47, with the 2700KP at $203.17. In a world awash with handgun storage options, this is an exciting new way for the everyman to store a pistol or revolver. For more information on these and other RAPiD Safes, including an AR storage locker and an AR wall locker, visit hornady.com.