Promatic recently introduced the Matrix 6 Wobble and Matrix 8 Wobble, each geared for personal, club, and commercial markets. The Matrix Wobbles have almost all the features of the Sporter wobbles and utilize a 30-amp motor and smaller electrics.

Standard features include:

  • 300 birds on Matrix 6, 400 on Matrix 8
  • Steel mainframe with hard-blue polyester finish
  • Aluminum throwing arm with Polyurethane strip
  • Proven “Knife Edge” system to feed wet or frozen clays without failure
  • 1½-second recocking time
  • Six width settings and three height settings available
  • 12-volt operation
  • Interrupt and sleep timer
  • Stainless-steel throwing surface
  • Durable electrical control box with simple toggle switch for on/off
  • Three-year warranty
  • Backed by the Promatic Superior Service Team


The new machines are now available from Promatic’s dealer network, as well as the Promatic main office in Plattsburg, Missouri. They are a great addition to the Promatic lineup, which includes more than 65 machines.

For more information, visit today.



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