Building on their success from setting a world record in 2015 for the highest price ever paid for a new pistol, Cabot raised the bar with an offering of a mirror-image set of pistols constructed from a 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite.

Rob Bianchin, president of Cabot Guns, says, “The pistol set is a modern work of functional art and the ultimate set of luxury guns.”

The “out of this world” pistol set consists of two precision-manufactured guns. The twin right- and left-handed, 1911-style .45s are dubbed “The Big Bang Pistol Set.”  Cabot previously introduced pistol grips constructed from meteorite, but the idea of constructing a complete set of guns from a meteor was unprecedented . . . until now.

The pair is set to go to auction at an undisclosed date in the future, and the expected price is $4.5 million. Visit cabotgun.com for more information.