Watch: Presidential Firearms

“There have been at least eight presidents that have been NRA members . . .”


There are probably more firearm-owning presidents in our past than in our future, but it’s always heartwarming to learn of leaders who valued guns as much as we the people do. In this informative video from NRA All Access, we see that several American presidents have owned and used rifles, shotguns, and handguns, both while in office and on either side of their presidencies. In addition, many have been NRA members.

While many politicians don’t value your right to own firearms, the NRA does. If you’re not already a member, join today to help ensure future generations have the right to bear arms.



0 thoughts on “Watch: Presidential Firearms

  1. We need a president who participates in the shooting sports and who is knowledgeable about firearms and who has the fortitude to direct the DOJ to enforce existing firearms law. We don’t need a president who is bound and determined to rewrite the Constitution and repeal the Bill of Rights.