There are plenty of fishing destinations, such as the typical streamside lodge where good angling is available only a short walk from your cabin. Many of these locations also offer you the chance to catch more than one species of fish, perhaps both brook and rainbow trout.

I have fished only one place in the world, however, that offers angling opportunities from practically A to Z that, to boot, are all within a short boat ride of one another.

Welcome to our Fishing Destination of the Year: Port Eads Marina and Lodge. It’s situated at the southernmost point in Louisiana, quite literally the southern tip of the Mississippi River. Built on a concrete platform high above the water, the lodge is surrounded by miles of tall-grass marshes and is situated less than a mile from the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Here, anglers might choose one day to chase huge bull redfish on the fly or on light tackle, then, on the next day, head to the Gulf for giant pelagic species such as world-class tuna, swordfish, and blue marlin. In addition to the pelagic fish, the Northern Gulf is home to some of the finest bottom fishing in the world, due to all the structure created by the oilrigs. Species like snapper and grouper abound.

All of this is just a short hop from the lodge, where, at dinner, you can offer a toast to a great day on the water and watch the sun set over one of the best fishing areas in the world. For more information, visit

– Doug Painter