One of the many unique features at each Southeastern Wildlife Exposition is the one-hour art demonstration. Several artists showcase their talents for one hour, creating works of art for attendees of the show to see and bid on. Visitors can watch every step of the creative process firsthand. When the piece is completed it moves to the auction block to be bid on.

Sporting Classics got a front-row seat to the demonstrations thanks to sculptor David H. Turner, our booth’s next-door neighbor. Turner formed a fox sculpture out of clay which was later purchased for $1,340; his design will be turned into a beautiful bronze sculpture before being given to the winning bidder.

Turner told Sporting Classics’ Taylor Pardue he had come to SEWE with the fox already in mind. He prepared for the sculpture by forming a base to hold the clay’s weight.

Turner is no stranger to fox designs, particularly red foxes. He and his father, sculptor William H. Turner, run a bronze foundry at their Chesapeake Bay studios. David said the bronze lends itself well to the foxes because of its reddish color.


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