The NRA Ring of Freedom is proud to partner with Medical Concierge Network (MCN), a personal health advising service that caters to all in need with the best professional medical assistance anytime, anywhere.

Medical needs or emergencies can happen wherever you are, from the comfort of your home to remote landscapes thousands of miles away. MCN paired with the Ring of Freedom to serve these esteemed and adventurous members who seek the highest levels of excitement and bravery constantly.

NRA Ring of Freedom members receive exclusive pricing and benefits with this partnership. This special plan gives members unlimited access to top doctors, specialists, clinics, and hospitals worldwide to ensure premier care. These doctors and appointments will be arranged by MCN’s highly trained staff for members’ convenience.

Additional services in this program include:

  • Global medical and security evacuations
  • Travel intelligence and passport assistance
  • 24-hour global toll-free phone support, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Access to wellness programs
  • Access to specialized financial and medical advocates


For eight years, MCN members have utilized world-class service and access around the clock on the road or close to home.

“I have been an MCN member for four years, as I traverse the jungles and swamps of Africa. I have used my MCN card more in the wilds of Los Angeles than I ever have overseas,” said Ring of Freedom member Tony Makris.

To learn more about MCN, please visit or call (800) 352- 6094.