Imagine the political landscape if things had ended differently in November. The Second Amendment would be facing a hostile administration, hunters would be burdened by more restrictions, and everyone who loves the outdoors would be wondering if they were going to be locked out of their favorite haunts.

Thanks in great measure to the National Rifle Association, the new sheriff in town is on our side. In all likelihood, we will soon witness passage of legislation that offers additional protection of our gun rights, expands the opportunity for personal defense, and overturns some of the roadblocks to science-based conservation.

The NRA staff did the work and five million members paid the bill. This award, as well as our most sincere appreciation, goes out to every one of them.


Sporting Classics’ Doug Painter (right) and Dwight Van Brunt (left) present Wayne LaPierre with the magazine’s special Editor’s Award for 2017.





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