Sporting Classics has conjured up the perfect remedy for the election-year blues! Now while the rest of your countrymen are losing their minds, you can sit back and read something positive for a change.

From Havilah Babcock’s classic “My Health is Better in November” to Edwin Sandys’ “How I Lost My Thanksgiving Turkey,” our new November/December 2016 issue is chock-full of uplifting stories. Read about the work being done to restore mule deer populations in “Mule Deer on the Skids;” learn how Bing Crosby hunted and fished in between singing “White Christmas;” see that social media can have a positive influence on society . . . and fishing.

Even the cover gives a nod to time spent at the polls. “Country Polling Place” by Charles “Charlie” Dye shows a hunter happily taking time from the field to cast his ballot.

It’s all here in the newest issue of Sporting Classics. Subscriber copies are mailing now, and the newsstand issues will be available November 2. Not a subscriber? Click here to subscribe today!


Included in this issue:

“How I Lost My Thanksgiving Turkey”

An off-the-wall hunt for a holiday gobbler.

By Edwin Sandys


“The Song of the Atlas”

The song of the aidi hounds is as beautiful, and ancient, as Morocco itself.

By Chip Anderson


“The Name of Walter Hibbett”

A man’s life runs away from him. If not careful he can miss the mark altogether.

By Ryan Stalvey


“Prairie Ghosts”

Discovering the cache of old decoys was like stumbling upon a pot of gold.

By Richard S. Grozik


“My Health is Better in November”

His health improves with the arrival of quail season.

By Havilah Babcock


“Mule Deer on the Skids”

Can anything be done to bring back mule deer numbers out West?

By Jameson Parker


“The Baron and the Leopard”

Nothing’s worse than going after a wounded leopard that’s lost his fear of man.

By David Ommanney



A look at a rare and virtually unknown species of gamefish.

By Paul Quinnett


“Smoked Roan”

Surrounded by fires set by the natives, the author pursues a record-book roan.

By Bob Gallagher


“No Country for Sissies”

Fishing remote Alaska is only for the brave. Just don’t forget your pink streamers.

By Tim Pask


“Across the River & Into the Pigs”

Knee deep in marsh mud and wondering what the hell I am doing here.

By Roger Pinckney


Columns by Mike Gaddis, John Seerey-Lester, Laurie Bogart Wiles, Roger Pinckney, Robert Matthews, Michael Altizer, Dwight Van Brunt, Tom Davis, Ron Spomer, Todd Tanner, Todd Wilkinson, Tom Keer, Larry Chesney, and Jim Casada.