Our last issue of the calendar year, and arguably our best. The new November/December 2017 is ready to be read, and you’ll want to take your time doing so in order to savor every word.

This holiday-time issue has a number of special stories. One such story is “A Reindeer Hunt in Iceland,” in which foreign hunters become the first to ever take caribou on the island. The animals lived in an area so remote that the natives didn’t believe they even existed, but they did indeed.

Another story is “Nanuk: King of the North,” a serious biological look at the polar bear and the hunting opportunities that exist for it. This is the third and final article in a series of bear biologies we’ve featured in the last few issues, beginning in the summer with the black bear and later the grizzly/brown.

Accompanying these are stories of grouse hunting from Gordon MacQuarrie, moose hunting from Jim Carmichel, a Texas slam unlike anything you’ve read before, and much, much more.

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Features included in this issue:


Pa’tridge Fever

The proper hunting man experiences a special feeling of reverence for pa’tridge country.

By Gordon MacQuarrie


Seeing Things

There’d been a couple of curious occurrences earlier in the afternoon—but now I was a little spooked.

By Tom Davis


A Reindeer Hunt in Iceland

They would become the first outsiders to hunt reindeer among the volcanoes.

By William Lee Howard


The Land of Giants

Should I take this obviously superior trophy or pass it by?

By Jim Carmichel


Shikar Slam

Only in the thorny Texas brush country can you hunt four of the world’s rarest big game animals.

By Lloyd Newberry


Nanuk: King of the North

Hunting polar bears is not for those faint of heart or wallet.

By John Ross


The Man and the Mountain

How Charles Sheldon helped create Denali National Park 100 years ago.

By Doug Painter


The Dilemma

It was a shot that would make all the difference for the rest of his life.

By Dr. T.C. Jennings


No Laughing Matter

Nebraska’s Sandhills country is a cornucopia of wildlife . . . especially big whitetails.

By Ron Spomer


Back to Rio Piedra

They all thought I was daft, hunting bobwhite quail with a stick and string.

By Michael Altizer


On a Full Moon Frosty Morning

There’s a calling for the hunter that’s far greater than the clanging alarm. It yells, “Get up, you fool, it’s waterfowl season!”

By Dale C. Spartas


Columns by Mike Gaddis, Dwight Van Brunt, Michael Altizer, John Seerey-Lester, Ron Stepp, Robert Matthews, Tom Keer, Roger Pinckney, Larry Chesney, Ron Spomer, Tom Davis, and Jim Casada.


Cover Image: Flying Targets by Robert Kuhn, courtesy of The Remington Collection.