I spotted this bird last week on my way to Wednesday night Bible class. He had a couple hens with him, and when I pulled up I expected him to collect them and vacate the premises. Instead of running away, though, he headed straight for me. As you can see, my son had all kinds of fun with this bird. My daughter, not so much.

I initially thought that he was just showing off for his hens, but as he continued to strut and drum in our direction, it became obvious he was flirting. With a four-wheel-drive pickup. When he closed the distance between us, his flirting got serious—real serious. Let’s just say that there was a reason I quit recording when I did.

I finally got away from him and drove on to Bible class, laughing the whole way. I was nearly there when the realization hit me: I myself was once a love-struck teenager, eager to flirt with anything that stood still long enough for me to strut my stuff.

Here’s hoping this young jake grows up to gobble at lots of horn-honking pickups!




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