Michael Sieve


An avid sportsman and recognized wildlife and big game artist, Michael Sieve believes that the best wildlife art is inspired by actual experiences in the field. These real life experiences, coupled with extensive research on the natural history of the area and species, plus photographs and specimens where possible, enable Mike Sieve to create a successful painting which is both artistically interesting and naturally accurate. When not traveling in search of material, Michael Sieve Wildlife artist resides in southeastern Minnesota’s bluff country, a region blessed with stunning scenery and abundant wildlife where he can observe deer, coyotes, turkeys and grouse, all on a short walk from his front door.

At Crossed Paths-Wolves and Bison

Highland Bull-Elephant and Egrets

Down from the Ridge-Whitetail Deer

Battling Bulls-Caribou

Quick and Easy-Lion and Impalas

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