Sporting Classics is proud to announce the release of its new March/April 2016 issue. Included in this issue are: adventure stories from Jim Carmichel, Adam Parkison, Ron Spomer, and Jim Casada; a classic from William Caine; thought-provoking essays by Richard Chiappone and Chris Madson, and much more!

Our expert columnists share their wisdom on subjects like shotgun-to-rifle conversions, IGFA records, turkeys, and gundogs. Two special sections cover new fishing and new shotgun equipment.

The second issue of our 35th anniversary year, March/April 2016 continues the new wider and taller design format introduced in January. The changes make our already incredible artwork even more eye-catching, and allow the magazine to stand out prominently on both newsstands and coffee tables.

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“The Four-Pounder”

A classic tale from 1927.

By William Caine


“The Trouble with Birds”

Women and turkeys … Go figure?

By Ryan Stalvey



Anglers, once upon a time, used everything from nightcrawlers to frogs.

By Richard Chiappone


“Pursuing the Persian Prize”

The author finds himself among an odd cast of characters in a cold and barren land.

By Jim Carmichel


“Ethics & the Meat Hunter”

How do the modern precepts of sport mesh with the timeless demands of subsistence?

By Chris Madson


“Elk Hunting, Pronghorn Style”

Worming through foot-high grass was the only way to get close enough for a shot.

Story and photography by Ron Spomer


“Nature’s Versatile Vagabond”

The lowly coyote has become even more brazen in its behavior.

By Taylor J. Pardue and Chuck Wechsler


“Lord of the Savanna”

Pursuing the king of African antelopes is never a walk in the park.

By Adam Parkison


“Mexico Redux”

Americanos bold enough to head south of the border can enjoy unforgettable action for doves and bass.

By Frank Stavros


“Black Beards in the Black Belt”

From a turkey hunter’s perspective, this 23-county region in Alabama is an earthly backside of Heaven.

By Jim Casada


“The Trout Stream No One Wanted”

A dirty stretch of an unloved, unsung urban river was a fine place to escape reality.

By Philip Monahan


Special Features

“Gone Fishin’”
This diverse array of innovative new gear will whet your appetite for the coming fishing season.


“Shooter’s Choice”
Our annual review presents the very latest in shotguns and top-of-the-line accessories to make your clay target shooting more enjoyable and effective.




At YO Ranch, you can hunt many big game species that are nearing extinction in their native lands. 

By Lloyd Newberry



The author experiments with Hevi-Shot in his .410 loads.

By Robert Matthews



New England Custom Guns can convert your Ruger #1 into the perfect deer rifle.

By Ron Spomer



The IGFA lists more than 7,000 world records; many of them are vulnerable to being broken.

By Larry Chesney



No matter where you travel come springtime, there’s a gobbler just waiting for you.

By John Ross



Jordan Horak could not see any reason why he shouldn’t own two once-in-a-lifetime dogs.

By Tom Davis


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