Did you know Bob Timberlake, famed artist and sportsman, writes his favorite quotes on the window panes of his rustic workshop—Thomas Edison, Lewis Carroll, and more? That he’s enamored with barbed-wire fences, often painting them and the ways people mend them? Or that he loves rabbit hunting more than any other game he’s chased?

You’ll learn all that and more in Bob Timberlake’s Letter to Home, a new 192-page, 12¼- by 9¼-inch book celebrating the life and passions of this important outdoor figure. Part retrospective, part a promise for the future, it’s also an astonishing collection of personal artifacts and untold stories about some of the nation’s most familiar artwork.



The book is written in a unique style of reminiscence and outside perspective, as Timberlake’s own thoughts are juxtaposed with the text of T. Edward Nickens. There’s also plenty of paintings from throughout Timberlake’s career, as well as photos of him from a child upward.

And, of course, there’s plenty of hunting. Timberlake’s first reminiscence even begins with it: “It started with quail. Looking back, that was the beginning of it all. Chasing those dadgum little birds all over the country.”



Even his artwork began with the outdoors. Bob wasn’t old enough to go hunting, fishing, or camping with his older brother as a child, so he stayed behind and imagined/sketched what the adventures must have been like. He would also draw the different trappings of those outings, such as the hatchets, guns, and fishing tackle his brother used.

There was an outdoor impetus for his popular furniture line, too. Timberlake, his brother, and his friends once partnered to build a “lake house” on High Rock Lake from scrap building materials his father provided. The bug for architecture bit him during those long weeks of work, and it’s never left him.

Learn all about this man, myth, and legend in Bob Timberlake’s Letter to Home, available now. Order today to receive it by Christmas!