Leica is rolling out two new versions of its Geovid binoculars this year, each with better rangefinding capabilities and added features for bowhunters. The HD-B 3000 and HD-R 2700 can range targets up to 3,000 yards (2,750 meters) away, allowing users to precisely aim out to nearly two miles. They also combine the wide field of view, edge-to-edge sharpness, and LED display that previous models were known for, all in an ergonomic design that ensures fatigue-free glassing.

The HD-B 3000 features Leica’s ABC (Advanced Ballistic Compensation) technology, which allows users to program the binos’ integrated microSD card with the specific ballistic data for their rifle. Three different ballistic applications are available, with temperature, barometric pressure, and the angle of declination all factored into the binos’ calculations. The data is then shown on the LED display, which automatically adjusts to ambient light conditions.

The HD-B 3000 can also calculate the equivalent horizontal range (EHR) for angled shots up to 2,000 yards (1,875 meters) away.

Both the HD-B 3000 and HD-R 2700 feature a fast-scan mode that allows users to record the environment and targets every half-second. They can also measure distances up to 200 yards in decimal points, making them the perfect binoculars for both rifle hunters and bowhunters. To top everything off, all of this important information can be displayed in only .3 seconds.

The HD-B 3000 comes in two versions: an 8×42 (MSRP $2,945) or 10×42 (MSRP $2,995). Likewise for the HD-R 2700, with MSRPs running $2,545 and $2,595, respectively.

For more information, visit leica-sportoptics.com.