Leica’s new CRF Rangemaster 2700-B makes it even easier to be on target every time, even when determining distances with the naked eye is a challenge.

Retaining the compact, lightweight, and practical qualities of its forebears, the latest model in the ever-popular line of monocular rangefinders benefits from several significant improvements, including a 30 percent increase in effective range, enabling precise distance determination up to a class-leading 2,700 yards. What’s more, at distances of less than 200 yards, measurements are now given to the nearest 0.1 yard for truly exceptional accuracy whether you’re shooting a rifle or a bow.

The new model also boasts a ten percent improvement in resolution, plus an optimized and even more intuitive digital display. Thanks to a convenient microSD card slot, hunters can input their own ballistic data (if desired) to work with the built-in calculator. There’s no need to wait for results, either; the 2700-B needs less than half a second to determine distance, and its super-fast systems allow you to scan large areas smoothly.

Like its predecessors, the new CRF Rangemaster 2700-B can measure in meters or yards and offers a choice of outputs: holdover, clicks, or equivalent horizontal range (up to 1,200 yards).

MSRP for the 2700-B is $899. For more information, visit leica-sportoptics.com.